Case Study 2011

Take note of the highest level markband descriptor for extended response questions:
There must be evidence of independent research for candidates to reach this markband.
A detailed and balanced (at least one argument in favour and one against) response that demonstrates opinions, conclusions and/or
judgments that are well supported and a clear understanding of the way IT facts and ideas are related.
Thorough knowledge and understanding of IT issues and concepts. Appropriate use of ITGS terminology and application to specific situations throughout the response. If there is no reference to ITGS terminology candidates cannot access this markband.
The response is explicitly linked to the information in the stimulus material.
At the lower end of the band opinions, conclusions and/or judgment may be tentative.

Problems and Possible Solutions

Issue as it appears in the case study booklet:
Carmen has decided that she needs further information on how to develop the business
in the future. Sergio identified issues that would require further investigation before any final
decision could be made about how to develop the business further:
• how customers and potential customers can be informed of new products and offers through the
web site or other e-marketing techniques
• different project management techniques to develop the new web site
• how a range of multimedia features can be effectively integrated on the web site
• how products are purchased through the use of an appropriate shopping cart service
• a range of open source and commercial Web CMSs
• methods of payment for goods (and delivery) purchased using the shopping cart,
such as PayPal, credit card payments and direct deposit to account
• appropriate privacy and other policies for the web site
• search engine optimization so that the web site appears on the first page of results
• the role of web site traffic analysis
• techniques that can be used to secure a web site
• policies that could lead to a secure web site
• the relationships between the data, the DBMS and applications
• the features offered by a range of web-hosting services.

Photo Businesses that sell online

BigW Photos
Snap Fish
Photo Max
Fuji Color
Harvey Norman Photos

Joomla (Open Source CMS) Extensions Site

Key Terms

You also will find the following wikis helpful. Thanks Ben

Here's an overview from a Web Developer that's had a look over the case study. Thanks Carson

Backup strategies / RAID *
Denial of service attack + Privacy & Security Policies
Site traffic analysis*
JavaScript + Integrating multimedia (work with Hong Xiao)__
LAU Alasdair
Search engine optimization / Page ranking
LI Hong Xiao
Payment options – e.g. PayPal / credit card payment / direct deposit to an account
POLLOCK Nicholas
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) *(work with Hong Xiao)

Gantt chart and Project management
YOUNG Benjamin
Internet service provider (ISP) + Compare Web Hosting Services
MySQL / SQL and PHP (Hosting Account - Apache Web Server and Linux)
For a clear explanation of PHP, look here.
Pay per click advertising *
IP address / Domain Name System *
LAU Alasdair
HTML / HTTPS and SSL and Website development software (commercial vs opensource)+
LI Hong Xiao
Web 2.0 technologies ++ Include also RSS and E-marketing (p.5)
POLLOCK Nicholas
Open source vsWeb content management system (Web CMS) ++
Payment merchant account / Shopping cart software (Purchased vs Open Source) +
YOUNG Benjamin

Question Responses
Shopping Cart and Securing Website - Ben and Will
Data and relationships
All you wanted to know about shopping carts
Securing a Joomla site
10 Ways to secure a site from hackers
E Crime Prevention - see the section on 'Prevention Strategies'. This document also contains Australian statistics for credit card fraud.
Policies - Kieren and Alasdair
Why develop a privacy policy?
Another Case Study wiki
Security Policies - How to implement and what it should encompass
What is a security policy? Read Ch 1.
Commercial vs Open Source CMS - Carson and HongXiao
A comparison between 2 open source CMSs here (Drupal vs Joomla)
An argument for commercial CMS - Falcon.
Pegboard features and tour.
Web 2.0 Marketing - Nick and Drew

Use of Twitter in marketing
Several real life examples of e-marketing
Facebook being used as a marketing tool - more case studies.

Tim and Chris Downing interview notes by Ben
Interview with BMD Studio
Interview with Accede Holdings

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