You must aim to be informed and knowledgable in the area of ITGS to gain acceptable marks.
If you have not already done so, compile notes on all the areas studied in ITGS with particular focus on:
- What is it?
- How does it work?
- Advantages / Disadvantages?
- Social / Ethical considerations
This will help to cement concepts in your mind and serve as a useful revision tool.

Know your ITGS command terms and respond to questions accordingly. Test yourself with past papers then compare your responses with the mark scheme. Understand what is meant when you are asked to identify, describe, examine, analyse etc. Use linking phrases in responses such as 'compared to', 'as opposed to'.

Remember that marks are also easily lost due to misinterpretation of questions. For many, the term 'validate' and the phrase 'nature of services' accounted for over 10% of marks lost in the trial exam. Similarly, ensure that you understand and use appropriate terminology in your responses e.g. 'Braille keyboards' rather than 'keyboards with raised dots'.

Take note of any areas which you feel need further attention, then search for exam questions that you can use to test yourself with. This will also help you to gain an understanding of the breadth and depth expected in your responses.

Setting out responses.
  • If the question asks for two things, then make it clear in your response.
  • With the questions describing how something works, a step by step numbered description works best.
  • If you are asked for two advantages only do two and not three.
  • Also with the extended questions in Paper 2, keep the introductions short and simple but ensure that the conclusion develops your point of view based on the arguments that you present in your discussion.

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